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Feed Me: A Story of Food, Love and Mental Illness (Memoir), Casper Press, 2022

This memoir is about learning to cope with bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, and multi-generational alchohol addiction through the healing power of food and community.


Support my favorite local independent bookseller by ordering your copy through Bridgeside Books today. You can also find copies at Bear Pond Books in Stowe, Phoenix Books in Burlington & Essex, von Trapp's Farm Store and Three Mountain Cafe.

You can also order it through your local bookstore (or Amazon or Barnes & Noble, if you prefer, but seriously, support local!).

"Erika Nichols-Frazer writes with compelling, unflinching honesty in her memoir, Feed Me, about family, mental health, and a struggle with anorexia ... This is a beautiful story that anyone who has wrestled with eating disorders or low self-esteem should read."

-Hannah Howard, author of Feast and Plenty


Staring Too Closely: Poems

Main Street Rag (2023)


A collection of poetry about healing, self-discovery, and trying to make sense of this strange, strange world we live in. Look closer.

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